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Custom CMS

A custom CMS allows you to build a site that is matched for YOUR business, YOUR workflow and YOUR needs.

Why to build a custom CMS?

Unique design

Robust content management system(CMS)


Easy to manage



User focused

Easily maintainable

Open source CMS is for everyone, custom CMS is for you and for you only

Custom CMS is system built from scratch, written exclusively for you. And its built to work as you want not the other way around.

High performance, whether e-Commerce or informational website

Custom CMS provide better performance. Open source CMS has been reported as low performance based blogger when it comes to handling of high database and many pages.

High Security

Open source CMS is so popular and freely download, this mean that open source back ends are easy to break into because the hacker already has the code and knows where to look for security holes.

Whether you are looking for a small scale promotional website, large scale website, open source CMS , custom CMS, we can provide it for you. So, if all you need is functionality that WordPress offers with some custom design, we can do that. If you need something more high-performance, high-security, custom, we can do that too.

Deliverable:Functional website installed on the server, the source of the design and code and full training.

Followed services upon request: Maintenance, plugins, responsive design

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