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Trademark registration

ProVision will process your trademark registration in Palestine by 3 steps:

Trademark Laws

Trademark protection in the West Bank is governed by Trademark Law Number 33, 1952, Trademark Regulation Number 1 , 1952, and the Product Marks Law Number 19, 1953. In Gaza, trademarks are protected by Trademark Law Number 35, 1938 and the Product Marks Law of 1938.

In order to qualify for registration Trademarks should consist of letters, designs, signs or any combination thereof which have a distinctive character. A person, deemed to be the lawful owner / user of a registered trademark, should use the word "registered," or any words expressing or implying that registration has been obtained for the trademark.

The Ministry of National Economy in the West Bank and the Trademark Registrar in Gaza keep a registry of Trademarks, which contain registered trademarks, the names and addresses of their proprietors, descriptions of the goods, notifications of assignments, disclaimers and all other related matters.

The Law protects the registered trademark rights for an initial period of seven years, beginning from the date of registration. These rights are indefinitely renewed for periods of fourteen years after the expiry of the original term, provided due fees are paid.

Palestinians or foreigners may equally claim to be the proprietors of a trademark. The application for registering the rights to a trademark must be sent, in writing, to the Registrar of Trademarks for the registration of such rights.

Applicants for the protection of trademarks registered in a country that is a party to an international convention for the protection of trademarks, to which Palestine is also a party, shall have priority in registering such trademarks in Palestine.

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