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Bulk emails

The best way to reach your customers, potentials and address book is to send direct emails for events, news letters, articles, news or any other action you are taking to step up with your business. You came to the right place, we will provide you with mass emails to diverse your channels and find new paths to your business.

Marketing campaigns always demand such service, bulk emails service it's the first method that marketing experts take, the direct way to knock the door and get direct feedback from real customers or mailing list. You can easily track how many emails you sent, how many emails where opened and how many emails still closed, you can even tell how many people clicked on your emails.

We also do SMTP and API integration, we also do that! with a fully dedicated support team 24/7.

An unlimited email sending, we understand your growing business, we assure you that how huge your business is we can always get to your contacts.