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Website Design and Development

ProVison team offer a variety of website design and development services: creating web development, responsive website design and custom e-commerce using the  most recent web technologies. ProVision developers team will provide customers with expert services. 90% of the customers visit company's website before purchasing, customers make decisions upon here online experience: user-friendly, appearance and accessibility.

We make website that makes your business grow! our main goal is to create websites that affects positively on your business, that ensures your ROI will increase, your net profit will directly be affected with such change. We reflect your ideas, vision, mission and history, we make sure that you are satisfies and proud.

ProVision technical expertise:

  1. Core language: PHP 7.2 as a core language.
  2. Pattern: our own MVC - trusted by the Palestinian Presidency and the Palestinian Public Prosecution -
  3. Front end languages: CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript
  4. Technology: AJAX
  5. Database: MySQL
  6. Compatibility with FF, Chrome, IE10+, and Safari. (applicable on mobiles’ browsers
  7. All pages are tested with speed tools and Lighthouse standards.
  8. Most animation if applied are by using HTML5, CSS3 and sometimes JS, no Adoble Flash.


ProVision’s methodology is designed to help you take maximum advantages from internet technologies.  Our website development methodology is designed to achieve the following purposes:

  1. Ensure that the website meets and exceeds client expectation.
  2. Keep project within budget.
  3. Keep project on-time.
  4. Plan for growth.
  • Discover/Analysis

 The first step for us is to define the exact needs and goals of your business also understand customer problem. Many questions are analyzed for the needs analysis stage. The main objective of this step is to obtain in-depth understanding of the project scope, expected deliverables and to better understand the processes cycle. The analysis phase clearly states the problem, and contains all of the information needed to design a solution to the problem.

  • Design

After we've completed the Analysis phase, we come to the design phase. Keeping in mind all your goals. On our design we focus on system navigation structure which leads to better user experience. At this stage, we will submit designs and concepts for your review and feedback.

  • Develop and Test

Based on the system analysis document approved by the client, and the website interface design document, the website development phase is ready to start, by breaking down the website into major functions and minor business features.

After completing the development, a quality control team performs a comprehensive testing to insure that all system functions and features are developed and implemented and documented as requested by the client and as per the system analysis and design documents.

We undertake thorough functional, performance, cross-browser and cross-device testing throughout any project. A second and third software testing are conducted to insure that every function will run smoothly in the client production environment.

  • Deploy

After the website/apps are developed and tested, we publish them on a LAMP web server, App store, and Google Play for all to see/install.

  • Support

 After publishing, we will support the website/apps that supplied by us and this support include fixing technical errors/bugs with response time of less than 24 hours. Unless otherwise indicated, this support will remain valid for 12 months from the date of deployment.