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ProVision needs a graphic designer, who has talent and passion in desgining. Along the work, the designer must be enrolled in IT services ProVision provides, so that he/she shall combine the design concepts with the IT needs of our clients.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Study the needs of the design project.
  2. Estimate time and requirments to accomplish the deisgn tasks.
  3. Draw wireframes and drafts whether on papers/computer or different tools as fit per design task.
  4. Execute the designs using software such as Adobe® Photoshop and/or Adobe® Illustrator and/or other software provided by ProVision.
  5. The design tasks are diverse, to mention some but not limited to: logos, brandbooks, stationary, web/mobile/software user interface, infographics, social media posts, company profiles..etc
  6. Follow up with the client and/or the project manager to take feedback and modify accordingly.
  7. Work with different third parties or directors when needed.
  8. Follow up with printing service providers and management, field visits to the providers to ensure the quality of the printing or other involved services
  9. Adapt and develop skills that are involved in ProVision's services and IT enviroment.
  10. Meet the clients and understand their needs on premises or at their locations/offices.
  11. Cooperate with other team members where needed.
  12. Particiapte in writting proposals in the part related to design.
  13. Make animation graphics and motion pictures.
  14. Enroll in trainings -self learning or by third parties- that develop and expand self skills in order to be used for ProVision's tasks; such as video editing.
  15. Social media pages managment.


Needed Skills:

  1. Proven working experience in graphic design or have astunishing design ideas/concepts.
  2. In-depth knowledge of modern graphic design technicalities.
  3. Basic familiarity with animation.
  4. Ability to make important decisions under pressure.
  5. Problem-solving skills.
  6. Ability to delegate effectively.
  7. Time management skills.
  8. Friendly and approachable.


Required Experience & Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor’s degree required. At least hold a bachelor’s degree in graphic design or art.
  2. Demonstrated high-level writing, speaking skills in Arabic & English.
  3. Minimum one year work experience is preferable.
  4. The residence must be in Ramllah province.
  5. This is a full time job.
  6. This job requires presence in the office not remote job.


Other Requirements:

  1. You are required to submit at least four designs that you have accomplished solely. Failing to submit designs shall reject your job application automatically.


ProVision Methodology of Employee Hiring:

  1. We skim all job applications and profiles upon closing date; we eleminate applicants who did not meet the requirments.
  2. We contact the top ten scored for the first interview -who met the selection criteria, which is based on the requirements in this job announcment-. This first review shall focus on personality, problem solving skills, experiance and technical questions.
  3. Based on the first interview, we decide to go for the second interview to propose/discuss final salary agreement, starting job date and terms.
  4. A regret letter shall be sent to the interviewed only. An awarding letter to the highest scored in application and interview shall be sent.
  1. Do not send us questions. You can ask any question in the interview.
  2. Do not send us your C.V by email. Your application shall be rejected automatically.
  3. Do not apply if you are not willing to learn new skills beyond your currnet ones.
  4. Do not apply if you have in mind changing/adapting your duty hours or special requests.
  5. Do not apply if you wish to work remotely.
  6. Do not use friends and/or family to push your hiring, your application will be rejected.

What ProVision Provides:

  1. Since day one, you are fully employed, no trial period.
  2. We will purchase for you the highest Apple® 27" iMac available in the market boosted with the maximum RAM.
  3. You will get a business sim card that its' main plan paid by ProVision, and if you don't have a dual sim phone, we will provide you a business phone.
  4. A great medical chair, if you don't like, we will change it to any chair you do choose since day one.
  5. Anything else? you name it.

ProVision Enviroment:

Duty times: Sunday to Thursday, 9AM to 5PM.

Saturdays are only requested if its necessary/urgent, which happens very rarely.

We are obligated to overtime payment and Palestinian Labor Law.

Our office is pet friendly, and we have a cat that is freely roaming in the office.


ProVision is proud to be an equal employment opportunity employer.
We value and seek diversity in our workforce.

Disclaimer: all copyrights are reserved to the software/trademarks owners used in this job announcement.