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iOS Developer: Training Leading to Employment / مطوّر\ة تطبيقات: تدريب بهدف التوظيف

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An opportunity for junior developers/students to secure an iOS Developer job after completing the training with success. In ProVision we believe trainees can reach high professionalism and gain great experience in short timeframe as ProVision wins/attracts diverse types of projects and clients; in which boosts trainees' skills towards full time jobs.


Training Description:

  • Learn the development of iOS applications with SWIFT programming language and their integration with back-end services.
  • Learn how to implement a technical feature.
  • Learn to work alongside other engineers and developers.
  • Learn collaborative problem solving.
  • Learn to create quality products and sophisticated designs.
  • Learn APIs and how to deal with them in SWIFT.
  • Analyse projects and translate them to wireframes.
  • Other related skills.


Required Qualifications:

  • Last year student or fresh graduate: Bachelor in Computer Systems Engineering (CSE); OR
  • Last year student or fresh graduate : Bachelor in Computer Science (CS).
  • Open mind for learning new technical methods/methodologies/schemas/patterns.
  • Resident of Ramallah province.
  • Ability to delegate effectively.
  • Friendly and approachable
Before You Apply:
  1. ProVision might take 1-3 trainees, the job -after completing the training successfully- is guarnteed for at least one trainee. We believe if you apply to this training position nevertheless you accept this condition
  2. Do not send us questions. You can ask any question in the interview.
  3. Do not send us your C.V by email. Your application shall be rejected automatically.
  4. Do not apply if you are not willing to learn new skills beyond your current ones.
  5. Do not apply if you wish to work remotely.
  6. Do not use friends or family to push your training/hiring, please, rest assured that your chance to get trained/hired is absolutely impossible. Because ProVision believes in equality in training & employment.

What ProVision Provides -once you are employed-:

  1. Once you are chosen to be our emplyoee after training, you will be fully employed without trial period.
  2. Powerful iMac, video IP phone, and stationary.
  3. You will get a business sim card that its' main plan paid by ProVision, and if you don't have a dual sim phone, we will provide you a business phone.
  4. A great chair, if you don't like, we will change it to any chair you do choose since day one.
  5. Anything else? you name it.


ProVision Enviroment:

Training maximum times: Sunday to Thursday, 9AM to 5PM, we are happy to adapt your training schedule to your university schedule if you are a last year student.

Our office is pet friendly, and we have a cat that is freely roaming in the office.


ProVision puts trust in our young folks who dream big and challenge themselves to shine in the IT world.